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Dress Code & Entrance Restrictions

VU's dress code reflects our venue's upscale, classy, and fun vibe. 

Please refrain from wearing beach attire, worn-out shoes, workout attire, offensive wording or depictions on any clothing, exposed undergarments, and any other attire VU Rooftop determines to be inappropriate. 

VU Rooftop has final approval on any guest entry into the venue, and reserves the right to turn away guests to are determined to be inappropriately dressed regardless of their reservation status.

Safety is the foundation of our dress code.  

VU Rooftop also reserves the right to refuse entry to any guest who appears to be impaired by alcohol or drugs, or is acting in a manner determined by VU Rooftop to be threatening, combative, aggressive, or disrespectful towards other guests, or any VU employees or personnel. 

Any exercise of discretion under this presentation code shall be applied in a gender-neutral, nondiscriminatory manner, in accordance with all applicable laws. 

Is there a Cover Charge?

While VU Rooftop never asks a cover charge, there is a $25/person deposit required when making a reservation, which will be used as a form of payment on your bill at the end of your stay. VU Rooftop will keep the deposit if guests do not arrive for their reservations in a timely manner, or if canceled within 48 hours of the set date.

Is VU a 21+ venue?
As cocktails are our standard, being 21+ is the best way to receive the full experience, however, it is only required at 9PM and after.

Are reservations required?
Yes. VU Rooftop requires all guests to make a reservation. Final say on entry will be from VU Management.

If I am a guest of the Hiltons at McCormick Place hotels, do I receive expedited entry?
While we welcome all hotel guests, we do still require they make a reservation in advance.

Is there live music?
VU Rooftop does not have live music. Exceptions are made for private events.

Do you have a full dinner menu?
VU’s culinary team has expertly crafted a menu to suit our space. Ideal for sharing, our menu is less multi-course focused and more about tasting all we have to offer.

Do you accommodate dietary restrictions?
VU Rooftop is sensitive to all food allergies and restrictions, and our service staff is trained to guide any guest through our menu safely.

Is outside food or beverage permitted?
No. VU Rooftop does not accept any food or beverage that is not made by our team, which includes desserts such as cakes.

Can I bring balloons and decorations to my reservation?
No. VU Rooftop has a beautifully designed space and experience that we want all of our guests to be a part of equally. If you would like to book your own private space to make your own, fill out an Events Inquiry here. 

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